About the PMI Sydney Chapter

About the PMI Sydney Chapter

PMI Sydney Chapter purpose is to serve our membership base and making Project Management Indispensable for Business Results in New South Wales. Through this, we aim to support the professional growth of our members, corporate organisations and communities.

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PMI Sydney members can receive many of the same membership benefits from other Australian Chapters as their members get. Take advantage of member-only rates and discounts on monthly events, conferences and other activities.

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Great news for PMI members around Australia; You can also access the same great PMI Sydney member benefits for attending our events, conferences and activities!

AGM held on 11th April, 2018

Thank you for those that were able to join the 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on Wednesday, April 11 2018.  Ben Howell shared the 2017 fantastic achievements for the chapter under his leadership.  Following the meeting, the newly elected board members were announced.  The following individuals were elected to the Board for the PMI Sydney Chapter that will be serving you in this next term.   

  • Julia Checchia - President
  • Michael Parkes - Secretary
  • Kelli Bachelet - Director of Infrastructure and Tools
  • Richard Hemsworth - Director of Professional Development
  • Phil Redding - Director of Events
  • Gordon Barlett - Director At Large

We want to express our immense gratitude and appreciation for all of the hard work that Ben Howell did on behalf of PMI, the chapter and its membership.  His dedication and commitment to grow the Sydney chapter is to be recognised and appreciated. Under his direction and leadership,  the chapter has generated financial strength to provide services and programs to the members for the next term, developed a growing membership and built a solid foundation to progress in the future.  We also would like to give our special thanks to Louis Taborda for making our presence known at the various universities across Sydney and his efforts in connecting with the next generation of project management professionals.

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