PMI Sydney Chapter Mentoring Program



The PMI Sydney Chapter offers access to its mentoring program to assit members to improve their professional skills in project, program and portfolio management.

Through the Mentoring Program, individual members can:

  • Connect and position themselves as experienced project management professionals,
  • Share the wealth of their experience and knowledge with one another,
  • Contribute to the individual growth of members (both mentors and mentees) and the maturity of the Chapter,
  • Access opportunities to further build and improve their networking and communication skills.

PMISC offers two intakes per year as part of its Mentoring Program. The first intake starts in February and ends in early July. The second intake starts in late July and ends in December.

PMISC members are invited to apply through an eblast communication and each intake is started with a combined kick-off and mentee training session. 

The program is open to PMISC members only. Fees are applicable and these directly cover the cost of professional training and materials only. All participants of the mentoring program are PMISC volunteers and offer this time free of charge for the benefit of the members.

How it works

The PMISC Mentoring Program team matches mentees and mentors according to the experience and career objectives as outlined in the members application.

There are two intakes per year each of approx. 6 month’s duration. Each intake commences with a kick off session comprising a program governance briefing, mentor-mentee introductions and a mentee training session.

Health check surveys are carried out by the mentoring team during each Intake in order to ensure that mentor-mentee expectations are being fulfilled, and to seek out opportunities for improvement and feedback.

All successful applicants are required to attend the briefing/training session that kicks off each intake and to participate in the health check surveys.


Benefits for Mentees

The Mentoring Program is designed to meet the needs of the mentee’s development path according to the Talent Triangle. Some of the benefits for mentees include:

  • Being able to have an open and confidential career discussion in a neutral environment,
  • Learning from the expertise, experience and wisdom of a seasoned project practioner,
  • Having access to an impartial and objective third party to work through current project and career challenges,
  • Gaining insights into and learning different perspectives on issues,
  • Broadening your professional network,
  • Undertaking formal training as a mentee from a professional and experienced trainer,
  • Earning PDUs,
  • Learning skills to develop your EQ.

Benefits for Mentors

Mentors recognise the importance of developing the next generation of project management professionals, but also benefit from the mentoring role by:

  • Giving back to the profession by helping less experienced professionals improve their skills,
  • Reflection on mistakes and accomplishments to assist mentee develop,
  • Learning new things through your mentee,
  • Recognition as a seasoned practioner,
  • Undergoing formal training and receiving certification from a professional and experienced trainer,
  • Earning PDUs,
  • Learning skills to develop your EQ.

How to apply

If you would like to join the Mentoring Program as a Mentee or Mentor, please submit your application online through the following link:

If you would like to know more about the Mentoring Program, check out the FAQs below. 

If you have further questions you can email the Mentoring team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I earn PDUs?

Yes – both neotrs and mentees earn PDUs for participating in the training and face to face mentoring meetings. You do need to keep accurate records and be prepared to produce them if audited.

How much does it cost?

The program is open to all members of PMI Sydney Chapter and a Registration Fee of $150 ex GST fees applies to all Mentee Applications. A wide range of self-paced training resources are provided to mentors and mentees.

How often do Mentors and Mentees meet?

Mentors and mentees meet as often as they see fit but we recommend that the initial 2-3 meetings take place once a fortnight for around for an hour. Following this, the timing can be adjusted to say, monthly depening on Mentor-Mentee availability.

For every pairing the circumstances and the needs of the situation will determine how often a meeting is required. 

Do I need to be a PMI Sydney Chapter member to participate?

Yes.  This is a benefit that is available only to Chapter members.

What happens if the mentoring partnership is not working?

We understand that there will be times when a pairing does not work out due to personal circumstances changing, or for other reasons. The mentoring team undertakes regular health checks to identify what is or isn't working in a particular pairing. We encourage all parties to have open and honest conversations about the relationship before asking the mentoring team to identify another suitable mentor/mentee but naturally, in most circumstances a recommendation to wait until the next intake is usually the most practical approach.

When does the mentoring relationship end?

Typically, mentoring relationships will run for the full intake period but in a number of situations the mentoring pair will independently decide whether to continue the partnership beyond the formal closure of the intake.   

Will my Mentor help me earn my PMP?

If your immediate goal is to earn your PMP then you should consider formal training.  PMI Sydney offers a number of PMP/CAPM Preparation sessions – you will find these listed in the Events section of the website.

Will my Mentor help me find a job?

No – this is not the primary purpose of the mentoring program. Notwithstading, the relationships yu develop and the skills you acquire through the mentoring relationship will assist you if you are seeking new employment or career advancement. 

I don’t live in Sydney – can I still participate?

Yes you can, as long as you are a Sydney Chapter member.  Not all mentoring sessions need to be conducted face to face.  We recommend you travel to Sydney for the initial kick-off, but after that you and your mentor should agree on how mentoring sessions will be conducted.

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