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Good day everyone,

I returned to the PMI Sydney Chapter (PMISC) Board because I wanted to continue giving back to the chapter and its members – and perhaps make some mark on the profession.

As fate would have it the current VP Malcom McFarlane resigned and I was elected to the VP role. Somewhat more progress than I had anticipated but a great opportunity to contribute even more.

Customer Journey Mapping Program (CJMP)

I originally planned to return to the Board to lead and deliver a better understanding of YOU, our members, so that the chapter could ‘tune’ its service offerings to better meet your expectations. Our Director at Large Sandeep Mathur was and still is the sponsor of this program and I have had to hand it back to Sandeep when I took on the VP role. Sandeep will provide and update in the coming weeks.

There really is something for everyone and it’s intent is simple;   everyone that attends should learn something that will benefit them at their career stage!  Be it starter or seasoned professional!  Best of all – this is free for Sydney Chapter members!!!

That is why we have 3 separate events targeting different audiences depending on their situation and interest. 

Night 1 on Monday 23rd July is geared to how to break into project Management and we have a full panel that have done just that.  How did they do it?  Did they face the same challenges and if so how did they overcome them?  How do you get a job without experience?  How do you get experience without a job? There’s also a fantastic presentation by LinkedIn on how to improve your brand through your professional social media presence.  You’ll also hear from the PMI on the mentoring program.
Night 2 on Tuesday 24th July looks fantastic with a strong line up of Project Practitioner specialists.  You’ll hear from Paxus regarding a Project Management market update and from specialists in the areas of Business intelligence, Agile transformation and big Data and AI.  How did they fall into those areas under Project Management?  What came first – the specialisation or the Project management?  What does the future hold for these areas?  What are the future “hot skills”
Night 3 on Thursday 26th July has a very exciting line up where we’ll be interviewing a panel of industry thought leaders.  How did they get to where they are?  What tips can they give around career advancement in such a competitive industry?  What is important to them when looking at a candidates resumes?  How do they hire top project talent? 

For further detail or to book please visit following Event links.

juliachecchia 180 178I recently read a Harvard Business Review article which stated that happiness does not come from money, weather, great job but from the strength of social connections. It means that we are our happiest when we have good connections with our friends, peers, children, parents. What better way to add to my happiness than to be part of PMI Sydney Chapter where I find a group of like-minded volunteers willing to give their own time and talents for this community and a wonderful membership who is willing to learn and keep the community going.

I could not be happier with the new board, we are obviously still in team formation and undergoing the natural cycle of “form, storm, norm in order to perform” but I am sure you can judge from the quality of our events, newsletters, social media, weekend courses, mentoring and other programs that the team is committed, interested and willing to make this community a forum where professionals can find expert support, new ideas and enhance their networks.    

Let me share with you what we have been working on since I took over as president on May 7, 2018.


Hello everyone,

Thank you for the very positive feedback we received welcoming the introduction of the weekly E-News!  This initiative was also very well appreciated when announced at our monthly Chapter Event held last Tuesday. It was great to see!

Our team of volunteers did an enormous amount of work to enable the successful delivery of this initiative. Many team members were involved but I’d like to make special mention of the following key contributors:

SteveHowe100x100Hello everyone,

The weekly E-News continues to be well received by our members.

In coming weeks we have scheduled an article from each PMI Sydney Board Member to provide insight into the initiatives each portfolio are implementing.  Next week, hear from our Vice President - Gordon Bartlett.

We would like to continue growing our Project Delivery community in Sydney and invite you to join our social media channels:

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Article by Parikshit Basrur

“Agile”, a decade old term originally from the world of software is now fast becoming a core competency for businesses to build future-proof strategies in a digitally disruptive world. Itis no surprise then that number of organisations embarking on their Agile transformationjourney is growing year-on-year.Senior executives are facing a new challenge —“What is the Secret Sauce for leading asuccessful enterprise Agile transformation?” I believe that there are 4key ingredients to what makes this secret sauce, having seen this firsthand – Leadership (the who), Influence (the how), Approach (the what)and Stickiness (the why).

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