PMI Sydney Australia Chapter Board Elections

The Nominating Committee is delighted to announce that following a thorough review of all nominations, we will be commencing elections to choose our new board members for 2019.

The open Board positions include:

  • Vice President
  • Treasurer*
  • Director  (3 positions –portfolios to be allocated at the Chapter Board Meeting in April 2019)

The term for the above listed Board positions is two years, as defined by the Chapter Bylaws and Handbook.

*Please note there will be no election for the role of Treasurer.  There was one candidate only for this role, and that candidate was successful at passing all the eligibility and suitability assessments and will be appointed, uncontested to the role of Treasurer.  This appointment will be announced to the Chapter members  at the AGM.

The election will be facilitated by an external party, who will manage the election from start to finish, and determine the outcome of the elections. 

The key dates for the election are as follows:

Voting Opens:              Wednesday 30 January at 10.00am AEDT

Voting Closes:              Monday 18 February at 6.00pm AEDT

Newly elected board members will be announced, and introduced to chapter members, at the Annual General Meeting on Thursday 28 February.

Voting in the election is only available to financial members of both the PMI and PMI Sydney Chapter

The list of candidates, and position nominated for, will be in the emails managed by the external party, along with the links to allow you to cast your vote.

We encourage all eligible members to take the time to review the profiles of our members who are candidates in this election, and cast your vote. 

Your participation through voting in the board elections is a way that you can contribute to building a better, stronger chapter.  Your voice is important – have your say in the 2019 elections.

The Nominating Committee

Kate Morris, Red Newstead, Terry Quanborough and Catherine Graham


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