PMI Sydney have been working on a number of initiatives to improve the experience of its chapter members. The PMI Sydney Events team is taking a big stride forward in this transformation journey by going digital with their registrations desk and automating the PDU allocation.

In our continuous endeavour to digitally transform, enrich experience of members attending the chapter events, we are digitizing our registrations desk, making the entire registration process seamless - from registrations to automatically crediting PDU’s for attendees.

We are doing a soft launch of our digital registrations desk by conducting a limited trial on August 27th 2018, in our monthly event (free for Members): A Collaborative workshop on "How Multi-tasking damages project lead times and what to do about it".

It is very rewarding to see that a volunteer organisation can achieve so much if there is a will to dedicate ourselves beyond our day jobs and there is a real passion for what we do that drives us. As a recently appointed board member and in my volunteering experience with PMI so far, I see a passion in our people and our cause as an organisation that you don’t regularly see or even imagine before you get involved.

I want to share my experience since I have been appointed Treasurer for PMI Sydney Chapter on May 7th, 2018.

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