What I find most fulfilling about being a Project Manager is that I can facilitate turning ideas into reality.

What I love the most about volunteering for the PMI Sydney Chapter is that it exists to “empower people to make ideas a reality”.

Amongst amazing services provided by passionate volunteers, on October 29th, 2018, inspired by the PMI Queensland chapter, chapters in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth are all holding a Project Management Day of Service (PMDoS), where for the full day we invite representatives from charities to bring a list of their project management problems and we ask PMI Sydney Chapter Members to donate their time helping to work on these problems.

Kelli Bachelet and her team (Muneeb Tariq, Hamman Alkouz, Jacob Ishak, Aniruddha Diwakar (Ani), Robert Faratto, Jesus Rojas and Haroon Qureshi) have been extremely busy supporting changes to the PMI Sydney Chapter technological blueprint and delivering on a number of improvement initiatives and projects.

The Technology, Marketing and Proteon, the Web Service provider, are working in collaboration to find efficient solutions for the chapter many technical issues. Amongst many others the following initiatives are in the pipeline:

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