How does it work? 

Before the event, the consulting team made up of two or more project professionals will receive a fact sheet with the details on the organisation’s problem statement. The consulting team will conduct research and make necessary preparations to ensure they are well equipped to assist and support the initiative and the NFP associates working on them. Working together at the same table, you will collaborate throughout the day and deliver artifacts that support your the NFP’s objectives, advancing their initiatives to the next level. 


You can benefit by:

  • Promoting the value of Project Management to charities by clarifying its unique value proposition.
  • Give back to your community by dedicating one day of your time and expertise to help define solutions and support their objective. 
  • Expanding your network by working with like minded professionals.
  • Enabling yourself to maintain a professional standing by earning up to 8 Professional Development Units (PDU’s).

Registrations will open later this year.